Freelance writer Edinburgh


Thanks for popping over today. You’re here either because you’re a  nosey parker or you’re vaguely curious about me and how I might be able to help you.

In case it’s the latter, here’s how I can help:

  • I write copy that sparkles and shines
  • I’m a  lively, thorough writer capable of turning my hand to any subject
  • I’m a conversation starter, twisted conversation starter
  • I’m creative, but still grounded
  • I can help you hone high quality marketing material that speaks to your audience
  • I can take a brief
  • I can save you time and money
  • I’m a pleasure to work with

Approach with Caution if

  • You are pun intolerant
  • You’re determined to do dull work
  • You’re not fond of interaction on the social web
  • You’re too cheap to pay for quality

If that sounds like you, you probably won’t want to hire me.

Otherwise please have yourself a little gander around these here pages along the right sidebar, and drop me a line if anything takes your fancy.


Jools Stone


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