Blogging work

St Pancras Intl

My blog, Trains on the Brain, charts the romance and reality of travelling by train in an this age of boring budget flights. It ‘s also my general personal travel blog, so it occasionally veers into other subject areas too, mostly travel-related.


Lake Como

I write regular paid posts on the Flightster blog on a range of travel topics. Here’s a few of my most popular posts:

On balancing home life with travel dreams.

On travel buzzword madness.

On exploring London locales.

My work occasionally features on Make Travel Fair.

A selection of guest posts I’ve written for other blogs:


Rock en seine

To the Rock en Seine music festival in Paris

Europe Budget Guide

How to do the Orient Express on a budget

Heading There

The kind locals of Barga

Unexpected Traveller

On Parisian oddness

My content is fun, original, well researched and eloquent. I understand the value of interaction and always respond to valid comments.

If you’d like me to blog for you, just get in touch to discuss rates and requirements.


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