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I’ve moved!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2013 by joolsstone

Oh this site’s just so 2011! You’ll find my all new and improved home at –

Find the best freelance writer and digital marketer that money and doughnuts can buy there.

Off you trot there now, quickly smartly, there’s a chap.


New Year, New Projects

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2012 by joolsstone

Was it really August since I last updated here? Hmm, well that’s obviously because I’ve been such a busy darn bumblebee, silly!

Anyhoo the Egypt trip didn’t materialise in the end but the Croatian island cruise was sublime. Go there now before the hoardes descend, as they surely shall.

And crossing Canada by train was a sheer, unmitigated delight. Via Rail really knows how to do long distance trains with real aplomb. As a result of that trip, I did a few paid posts for the excellent Round the World Flights Travel Blog and one about the GoMedia conference in Edmonton for (Yes it really is called that.)

I found Edmonton to be an unfairly much maligned, but down to earth, city with its fair share of pleasant surprises, including a wonderful vintage tram ride that passes high over the glorious North Sasketchewan River and the world’s second biggest Fringe Festival. Now, where is the biggest one again?  Hmm, I forget…

Great 2012 so far

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve started 2012 with a brand, spanking new client project – and it’s a true beaut too. I’m currently handling the social media efforts of the Train Chartering Company. We hire out trains for corporate travel, events, weddings, filming and all sorts of other exciting, fun projects, plus we offer many of the world’s greatest luxury train trips, via our sister site the Luxury Train Club.

I’m at the helm of our blogs, facebook, twitter, google+ and pretty much any other social network we decide to hitch our wagon to. Of course I’m being my usual, ebullient and social self even when I’m wearing my Train Chartering cap and sharing lots of fun stuff, so do make sure you get on board with it all.

Train Chartering on twitter

Train Chartering on facebook

Train Chartering blog

On Google+

Travel Writing Blog

I’m also working on an equally exciting new travel writing blog project with a well established travel British travel writer and editor, which I’ll be ripping the plastic sheeting off of shortly…

I’m hoping it’s going to really boost my freelancing career and also be useful to lots of other freelance writers out there. Watch this space   yes, that’s right, that one there. Oh you missed it did you? Well not to worry, cos here it is again   there.

Til then my freinds – and next time, don’t leave it so long eh?

Where am I going?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 21, 2011 by joolsstone

This section of the site aims to update you on my travel plans and any relevant projects which I think you may be interested to read about…and perhaps even commission me to write about. 🙂

To learn more about me and my work in general, please give the links in the right hand sidebar some clicky clicky.

 Forthcoming trips in 2011


I’m shortly off to Innsbruck to attend the Travel Bloggers Unite conference, where I’m speaking on two panels regarding niche blogging and organsied blog trips respectively.


Canada: by train all the way from Toronto to Vancouver, via Edmonton for the GoMedia conference. I’ll be travelling with Via Rail’s Canadian and then on board the Rocky Mountaineer.

Jura: I’m doing a brief press trip to the Scottish island of Jura for a travel piece taking in the newly-opened Whiskey Distillery Visitor Centre.


Heading off to Egypt for a Nile Cruise, featuring in next year’s book, Great Boat Journeys of the World. Will be interesting to see ancient Egypt through the prism of the new democracy, as the first real elections are taking place there next month.

Hope also to visit Sarasota, Florida for the 2011 Ringling International Arts Festival.


Will be popping down to London to do the rounds at World Travel Market trade show, and in particular to attend the excellent Travel Blog Camp event.

Recent Trips

So far this year I’ve been to the following places..

Turku & Tampere, Finland & Talinn, Estonia

Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City & Ottawa

Kentucky: Louisville, Lexington & Owensboro

Croatia: Rijeka, Zadar and islands in the Kvarner region, a week long cruise.


Interested to hear more or discuss any of the above trips? Just drop me a line

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