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Feeling Lost in the Social Network?

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  So please do check out my profile on all of the sites below and have yourselves a big bowl of me.

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Here’s some fairly arbitrary stats (as of August 2011) for those of you who like them.

Twitter: Over 2400 followers

Facebook Page: Over 290 fans

StumbledUpon: Over 270 followers

Google+:  Over 150 followers

Digg: Over 50 followers

Blog comments: Over 900 –  an average of 11+ comments per post

Klout score: Currently 61. In the site’s own words, this makes me a ‘specialist. Within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.’  They say.

My approach

Finally a word on my social media ethos. My view is that the best measure of effectiveness on social media is the quality of your interaction with others.  I believe in dialogue, not monologues, and being part of the conversation instead of adding to the noise.

These tweets were made for sharing and that’s just what I do.  One of these my tweets are gonna share good stuff with you.


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